Today’s Passage

“Once someone has had a psychic transmission, their life is altered beyond measure. They no longer look upon their surroundings in quite the same way, and their day-to-day tasks feel mundane and less meaningful. They seek to grow and share in more profound ways, thus creating chaos in their once orderly environment.” – D. Virtue


I remember sitting in that room beside a stranger who kept looking around, smiling and laughing, with herself. I was fifteen and didn’t know whether to run, speak or act as if this was an everyday experience for me. My first morning of many in these types of places people go who have trouble controlling […]


The music’s playing, bodies moving and the cold air weaves its way throughout the apartment. People part making a pathway and she sees her brother sitting in front of the sliding door with his head in his hands. It’s pitch dark outside, the only light came from the tiny dj booth in the kitchen. She […]