October Post: Aswang

Imagine being home alone, at night, watching your favorite horror movie, comfortably in your cozy bed with freshly buttered and salty popcorn or fresh out of the oven cookies and a tall cold glass of milk and all of the sudden you hear noises on the roof, you think. You don’t think too much of it because you think it’s just the movie messing with your head. (This has happened to me plenty of times, and yes I enjoy watching horror movies alone, in my bed.) You pause the movie and make sure it’s all in your head. Then the noise happens again and you realize it isn’t the movie at all. This scratching noise combined with little scuffles, like someone or something is moving around on your roof is disturbing. You turn to look out the tiny spaces between the almost shut blinds and you see a figure staring back at you. You’re frozen stiff and can barely breathe. This figure just continues to stand there and then, unexpectedly, it presses itself against you’re window and you make it out to be this hideous creature -slimy, bloody fangs, long matted hair, and…

 Aswang_Final04.jpg (1600×964)

Aswang, monster of Filipino folklore. Stories of this lovely creature are told throughout the Philippines to keep children in at night. Origins of this folklore come from when the Spaniards had taken over back in the late 1500s. Women were trying to save their village and would only do so at night. From this came the story of Aswang. A later story says that a woman killed and served her son for dinner and the husband attempted to kill her but she got away and hadn’t been caught. Children are told that the Aswang, depicted as a woman, flies around at night looking for children to decapitate and eat. 

There are so many stories of different creatures, wizards, fairies, witches and “little people” aka leprechauns(who are said to protect money, gold or treasure left behind from the Spaniards) in the Filipino culture. I enjoy these stories and was told many from my dad as I was growing up.

So, what is a story you grew up with as a kid that sticks out in your head and makes you think and wonder? And what’s everyone’s plans for Halloween this year? ^_^



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