I think I under…


I think I understand why folks are so afraid to be happy. When you have found and embrace your happiness(yourself), you pick up a notebook and pen and begin to write. Then you read what you wrote and think to yourself…”This is so darn cheesy” lol . At the same time you no longer want to put out the negativity that occupied your heart. So you’re kind of stuck, wondering if people will still be interested…in your happiness. And I believe that you must take yourself out of the equation and think of the folks who are hurting who can benefit from that cheesy happiness you share to the world wide interwebz. The fear is only your ego. You’re so used to getting praise for being hurt, and this being happy business is a new thing. But let me tell you, it doesn’t take long to get used to. Breathing was such a chore, but now you actually look forward to waking up every morning, looking forward to putting a smile on another’s face because you were once that person.

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