The Eight Chakras

First Chakra (the muladhara) ~ located near the rectum and governs survival and self-destruction. It deals with our sense of tribalism (family). It is powered by the polarity of bad and good.

Second Chakra (the svadhistana) ~ located in the pelvic area, and includes the sex organs. It reflects creativity and rejuvenation. The polarity from which it derives energy is the tension between projection and withdrawal. It is the site of emotions about money, sex, and power.

Third Chakra (the manipura) ~ located at the navel and focuses on personal identity, power and judgement. The polarity expressed here is between fear and being. It’s physical connection is to the stomach, intestines, adrenals, kidneys, and pancreas.

Fourth Chakra (the anahata) ~ near the heart and is the center of compassion and forgiveness. The polarity that swirls the vortex is between giving and receiving. An imbalance here can cause cardiovascular and lung problems. It can also cause immune dysfunction because the thymus is located in the fourth chakra.

Fifth Chakra (the visuddha) ~ located near the throat and is the arena of knowledge, truth, and willpower. Problems here can be manifested physically as thyroid dysfunction, or as throat problems.

Sixth Chakra (the ajna) ~ located between the eyebrows “the third eye” . This is the center of discovery, it sees what the other two eyes cannot see. Disturbances of this chakra (and the seventh chakra), can produce mental illness and cognitive disorders, as well as problems with the eyes, pituitary, pineal, and ears.

Seventh Chakra (the sahashara) ~ located at the top of the head and connects the human being to the infinite. It is the entry point of energy of the highest self. It is the exit point of personal energy.

Eighth Chakra (the aura) ~ located in the magnetic field generated by human life. The quality of the aura reflects the relative well-being of the person projecting it. It is surrounded by the arc line, the body’s first line of defense against illness.

**Meditation as Medicine : Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force | Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. and Cameron Stauth

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