Friday, the 21s…

Friday, the 21st, when I was on my way home, I passed the ocean. It was dawn and there was a layer of fog and a hint of rosy pink within a layer above. I was able to see the waves and the shore very clearly though. The peace and calmness I felt, even though I wasn’t physically on the beach, was memorable and such an exquisite feeling. I felt so deeply from within my self the peace the ocean emanated, that when I passed it I felt a longing just as deep. I’ve always been called a ‘water baby’ or a ‘mermaid’ from family and close friends and I can’t disagree.

I don’t know if this feeling comes to everyone but every time I get near the ocean or around water my spirit gets lifted, a sort of natural high and I’m in love with it, I’m in love with the ocean, with large bodies of water. Clear, clean water precisely lol. I know not all beaches or ocean water is clean and that’s so unfortunate. People, who are/were given this earth as a gift, must treat it as such. A gift that is loaned to us expecting nothing but respect and love in return, but some people treat the earth so ugly and at times my soul aches from it. I can only do the best I can and I can’t be everywhere at once, I know.

Can you feel the earth weeping at night when you’re going off to sleep?

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