What’s most im…

What’s most important is this present moment. Take advantage of it. The hurts and pains of yesterday have ceased to exist. I am aware of the pain I’ve caused others, others have caused me and the pain I’ve even caused myself. I’ve accepted it and moved on. Forgiveness is key. Although, I realize it’s hard to move on when things just seem to repeat. “Forgive but never forget” – okay, but are you really moving on within yourself? Be truthful, honesty is so very important. [ Sometimes I think someone needs to literally feed me with my own advice ] If you don’t want someone in your life cause it’s better for You, tell them, with understanding and love. But always keep the door open if ever someone needs your guidance, just make sure your purpose for allowing them back in is clear. Some people don’t like the truth and those will just have to be let go of until they find their own way.

I am nothing and nobody. I am here to just pass on some words,advice and wisdom channeled through me from the Divine. Sometimes I believe I’m meant to be “alone”. Nothing I’m afraid of being, just after the lesson’s been taught, I feel the need to move on. Or sometimes I’m confused as to what people who come into my life really want or need, so I proceed with caution.

I realize I can be f*cked up and I realize I can shut down on someone at any given moment without warning while that person didn’t deserve it…I think. I’m just a person who’s been on the run ever since I can remember, passing along whatever I’ve learned to the next. Whatever you’re thinking, whether you know me personally or not, just know, I’m just trying to save you from the falling sky. But sometimes, I’m completely out of my mind, so what do I know?

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