And when you let go…

Letting go is maybe one of the hardest tasks to man. Well for me, up until now, letting go birthed fear, anxiety, unsureness….all that consisted of the unknown if and when I would let go. I didn’t know any other way nor had a tried any other way. I was comfortable with what I knew. Somewhere, within, there was this huge emptiness, yet I had all this….stuff I was holding on to. Whether it was clothes, shoes, old stuff I didn’t even use to people, hurt emotions, past situations…I was holding on to it all. Yet I felt empty. Heavy and empty. Stagnant.

All I know is, once I began practicing self-forgiveness, self-Love, then forgiving others, then cleaning out all that material stuff that was of no use to me, my life seemed more pleasant…more livable.

Ending the chaos, demanding what I know I deserve, letting folks go that meant me no good, life becomes pleasant and peaceful. I continue letting go of things and people that I know aren’t good for me.

I began to understand that life isn’t meant to be depressing or dark and I don’t deserve that kind of life.


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