To Live…is optional

” It is not true that these souls are punished or judged in any way, but many who commit this act do punish and judge their own selves quite harshly. And for that, they do indeed suffer! You, who survive these beings, can help the most by laying aside your anger, fear, and guilt about the situation, and focusing solely upon love and empathy for all.

Make it your gift to each other to uplift the persons involved by surrounding them in an aura of the whitest of light. See them floating on a billowy cloud of compassion. Worry not about your loved one’s safety or comfort, and wallow not in your thoughts of what might have been. Let blame be replaced by understanding, and allow love to heal all wounds.

Each time a soul commits suicide, additional angels are sent to the family’s side, for Heaven has great understanding of the difficulties that an Earthly incarnation involves. And for those who seek escape, options other than suicide are certainly available. Yet, there are those who are unaware of these options, and who see suicide as their only route to escape. Have compassion for their decision, Beloved Ones, and know that these are individuals who are learning just as you are. Although you may call their actions “selfish” in many respects, these souls were seeking to help you by removing themselves from your sphere. For those who commit suicide feel completely unlovable, unworthy of their family’s attention. These souls seek to completely remove themselves, and once the decision has been made, they will rarely seek a solution other than the one their mind has set forth. ” – from the book Messages from Your Angels by D. Virtue

So, I’ve been reading this book with these wonderful and insightful messages from Angels. Whether you believe in them or not, this book has brought me to tears a few times because of the accuracy to my life it reveals. It’s like reading the situations of my life that a stranger has written, only this stranger or strangers are angels. I’ve shared something else I’ve read in this book in my previous post. And as I’ve shared before, I’ve attempted suicide several times before I realized that that option would be the easy way out of what I was going through at the time. That and I had a child, my daughter. Reading the above message sent me to tears and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and an even greater love for my life. I do believe in angels and I do believe in God and I believe there are demons among us as well. All of us have our own demons we must face whether within ourselves, a stranger, co-worker(s), family or even those we consider friends. Suicide is the official way to not deal or face them, the demons. The biggest ones are the ones that reside within. It’s easy to run away from and ignore a situation or person, but it’s impossible to run away from ourselves no matter what we do to ignore or pretend that our own demons don’t exist. I don’t know if you’ve attempted suicide, thinking of suicide or know someone who has committed suicide but going through depression, having uncontrollable thoughts and feeling as if there’s nothing else you can do to better yourself or your situation leaves one feeling hopeless and it sucx, I know. But suicide isn’t the solution. The ultimate solution is to go through the adversity, speak up no matter what and to be honest with yourself through it all and never compare yourself to others. You have just as much talent, are just as intelligent and creative as others, just take the time to get back to your heart and begin to feed your soul goodness. 

There’ll Be No Other In The World 


Today’s Passage

“Once someone has had a psychic transmission, their life is altered beyond measure. They no longer look upon their surroundings in quite the same way, and their day-to-day tasks feel mundane and less meaningful. They seek to grow and share in more profound ways, thus creating chaos in their once orderly environment.” – D. Virtue

October Post: Aswang

Imagine being home alone, at night, watching your favorite horror movie, comfortably in your cozy bed with freshly buttered and salty popcorn or fresh out of the oven cookies and a tall cold glass of milk and all of the sudden you hear noises on the roof, you think. You don’t think too much of it because you think it’s just the movie messing with your head. (This has happened to me plenty of times, and yes I enjoy watching horror movies alone, in my bed.) You pause the movie and make sure it’s all in your head. Then the noise happens again and you realize it isn’t the movie at all. This scratching noise combined with little scuffles, like someone or something is moving around on your roof is disturbing. You turn to look out the tiny spaces between the almost shut blinds and you see a figure staring back at you. You’re frozen stiff and can barely breathe. This figure just continues to stand there and then, unexpectedly, it presses itself against you’re window and you make it out to be this hideous creature -slimy, bloody fangs, long matted hair, and…

 Aswang_Final04.jpg (1600×964)

Aswang, monster of Filipino folklore. Stories of this lovely creature are told throughout the Philippines to keep children in at night. Origins of this folklore come from when the Spaniards had taken over back in the late 1500s. Women were trying to save their village and would only do so at night. From this came the story of Aswang. A later story says that a woman killed and served her son for dinner and the husband attempted to kill her but she got away and hadn’t been caught. Children are told that the Aswang, depicted as a woman, flies around at night looking for children to decapitate and eat. 

There are so many stories of different creatures, wizards, fairies, witches and “little people” aka leprechauns(who are said to protect money, gold or treasure left behind from the Spaniards) in the Filipino culture. I enjoy these stories and was told many from my dad as I was growing up.

So, what is a story you grew up with as a kid that sticks out in your head and makes you think and wonder? And what’s everyone’s plans for Halloween this year? ^_^



I remember sitting in that room beside a stranger who kept looking around, smiling and laughing, with herself. I was fifteen and didn’t know whether to run, speak or act as if this was an everyday experience for me. My first morning of many in these types of places people go who have trouble controlling their imagination, or their own reality. I was fifteen, attempted suicide and failed, how pathetic I was. It was my first, but not my last. After that stay, life became dull. I had a new perspective. Before that I was always trying to escape myself. After I left I was trying to find myself. My suicide attempts weren’t because I wanted to die, I couldn’t understand this life I was in. I definitely was aware I could die, but at the same time I wasn’t afraid. I was raised in a Christian/Catholic household, mother-Christian, father-Catholic and I also thought about going to hell if I succeeded. Despite the teachings I was raised with, something inside still wasn’t scared, even thinking of the possibility I’d burn for eternity because of what a text says. 

Today, at 24, my soul no longer thirsts so much for understanding why I’m in this life. I get it.  I’m still curious, and in the mornings chant “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” ~ ‘I bow before my highest self’, getting an understanding of today’s purpose, but still go wherever the wind takes me. Time doesn’t exist, only awareness and choices. I only wish that everyone comes to understand this. 



The music’s playing, bodies moving and the cold air weaves its way throughout the apartment. People part making a pathway and she sees her brother sitting in front of the sliding door with his head in his hands. It’s pitch dark outside, the only light came from the tiny dj booth in the kitchen. She kneels down and says, “What’s wrong?”. He looks up at her with a distressed look and says, “It’s time.” . She gives a puzzled glance then the power goes out. Silence fills the room, then from outside, the sounds of a million tormented souls begin screaming….”Ready?” he asks